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Two new blog entries are up.

24 Feb 2006, 13:42:14

Watch: Is it Real? on the National Geographic Channel, 27 February 2006 at 8:00PM EST and 11:00PM EST!

13 Dec 2005, 21:00:00

All our cameras are out in the jungle!

01 Apr 2008, 14:13:00

Batang Ulas the Second

01 Apr 2008, 13:00:00

Batang Ulas the First

16 Feb 2006, 19:00:00

Fourth Trip to DGT

The Project

The goal of our research is simple in theory: we wish to obtain the first photographic proof of the primate known as Orang Pendek. The next question is, how do we get a picture of such a rare and seclusive animal? The most promising strategy is a technique called camera-trapping that researchers have used very successfully in recent years all around the world to document and study a variety of animals. In Kerinci-Seblat National Park (where we are) researchers use camera-trapping methods to study the endangered Sumatran Tiger, of which fewer than 500 still exist.

Gunung Kerinci overshadows local tea plantations